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Hood River Sand, Gravel & Ready Mix, Inc. has been providing ready-mix concrete and aggregate products to the Columbia Gorge region for over 75 years. The Company was founded in the 1930’s in Hood River, Oregon. In the ensuing 75 years, it has had three owners with the current owner, Howard W. Houston, Jr., being in control since 1977. Under his leadership, Hood River Sand has developed aggregate resources and has expanded the company with the addition of operations at Cascade Locks in Oregon, and Dallesport, North Bonneville and Goldendale in Washington.

Today the company has 5 permanent computerized concrete batch plants, 3 portable high capacity Con-E-Co batch plants, a fleet of late model mixer and gravel trucks, pump trucks, experienced professional operators and the ability to service the entire Columbia Gorge market.

The incorporation of new technologies have opened new opportunities for concrete to be used to pave surfaces while allowing water to pass through (pervious concrete), incorporate fibers for increased strength without the use of hard to work with metal (Teflon fibers), polymers for better finished surfaces and colors for aesthetic touches. Concrete is being used today for countertops and furniture, finished flooring, and whole buildings.

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